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I was competing an appraisal for a person who inherited a house from an estate. Well, he also inherited a pool problem too! He asked me if the pool affected value. I told him that so long as the pool was in it’s current condition it would be a safety issue that most lenders wouldn’t […]
Recently I was showing buyers property in several Rockingham County towns.   We looked at Londonderry,  Derry,  Windham and Salem.  Tax rates varied from town to town and my clients inquired why. I explained that in many (not all) cases, that property values had an inverse relationship to tax rates.  Another words, higher priced towns have […]
My wife Lisa Lavoie and I are excited to be offering our clients all the tools and resources of EXP Realty.  Lavoie Realty Group, brokered by EXP Realty will bring to the table what buyers and sellers have asked for….  Knowledge, Integrity and Service!! Our contact information is: Email:   Lisa@LavoieRealty Cell:      […]
We complete professional tax abatement appraisals! The filing deadline for tax abatement filings in in less than 3 weeks.  This is most likley the “last call” for tax abatement appraisals.  Here is a review:   Several communities have recently completed re-assessments that have left many people wondering how they can abate (reduce) their taxes.  Even […]
You know those end of year letter you get from friends who summarize their year for you.  Here is mine!  🙂 Many of you know me as a “real estate appraiser” but what does that mean?  You probably know an appraiser as someone who works for the bank when you are buying, selling or refinancing […]
Okay, there is technically never a “Black Friday” Sale on real estate since most property is owned individually and not offered as a special.  Black Friday is however, within the traditional seasonal downturn in real estate.   Using Hillsborough County NH as example (see graph below) , even in an overall increasing market, there are peaks […]
Several communities have recently completed re-assessments that have left many people wondering how they can abate (reduce) their taxes.  Even if your city or town has not completed a “re-val” you can question the assessment by a process called tax abatement. In all New Hampshire communities, all assessments are paid on the market value of […]
As I have discussed earler, real estate values are not linear.  Each year in New Hampshire, prices change and follow a predictable path like the graph illustrates.  Prices rise in the spring, level off in the summer and early fall and decline in the late fall and winter.  Check out “North End” Manchester as of […]
Even in years where the market seems stable, property values fluctuate over the course of the year. Historically, values increase in the spring and early summer, stabilize in summer and early fall and decrease over the winter season. This is attributed to several factors such as the “holiday season” and the harsh cold winters we […]
  I would still categorize the Southern NH real estate market as strong, however I am seeing prices begin to level off and inventory rising slightly. The seasonal market can change quickly in New Hampshire. If you are selling your house and its not moving, speak with your agent and re-examine the price. The spring and […]